Proverbs 23: 7 (KJV)7 For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

It’s time for some healing. Start with the words you use to call yourself. You are not a color a color is an adjective, an adjective is a word that discribe a noun, a noun is a person place or thing.



Synonyms for the word Black:


cynical, macabre, weird, unhealthy, ghoulish, morbid, perverted, gruesome, full of anger or hatred. angry, vexed, cross, irritated, incensed, evil or wicked, heinous, villainous, bad, 

miserable, unhappy, sad, wretched, broken-hearted, heartbroken, grief-stricken, grieving, sorrowful, sorrowing, anguished, desolate, despairing, disconsolate, downcast, dejected, sullen, cheerless, melancholy, morose, gloomy, glum, mournful, doleful, funereal, dismal, forlorn, woeful, tra

gic, disastrous, catastrophic, cataclysmic, fateful, wretched, woeful, awful, terrible, tragic, disastrous.

African Americans it’s time to address the stigma